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You cannot believe that you have good art. That may be true, but did you know that visual art covers a very broad spectrum? Things like paintings, sculptures, carpets, jewelry, covers, artifacts, and “some” firearms … and many others; They all fall into this large category !! Now may I get your attention?

Curiosity ~ Have you ever wondered if what you have is worth? Maybe you want to buy a new home or send your child to college? Is your work of art valuable enough to cover costs? Tip: Having an original “work of art” is a good first step towards appreciation. How did it come from? Do you want to know the story of the piece?


Tip: If you inherit your art, then you know part of the story of your game. This is useful for your assessment because it helps prove that the work is antique.

Divorce or Bankruptcy ~ This is the time when everything is split between spouses or examined legally. including fine arts. You and your lawyer need the right values. Country Planning and Probation ~ When you or a loved one prepares a will, you need to know the value of everything you have. Maybe it’s time for a lawyer and judge to get involved, so he (especially the judge) would prefer to use the values ​​determined by licensed or accredited experts. We came here because our reviewers are accredited by the International Society of Appraiser and the American Society of Appraiser. They have been in the art world for more than 50 years and in the ranking business for more than 16 years!

Sales ~ To sell your art through auction houses, galleries, or other third parties, you must receive ratings from licensed or accredited evaluators! It is also important that you get the right value .Yes, third parties charge sales fees. However, appraisers can tell you what value you have when you sell and what you can expect. We do not leave customers in the dark !!

Charity Gifts ~ If you plan to donate works of art to museums, schools or others, you must first receive this review. To get the right tax reduction, you need to know the value. Otherwise, the tax deduction is based on what the organization has chosen for you. Insurance

Requirements ~ Don’t get lost unless your art is insured. If something happens to your artwork, make sure you get the right recovery. The only way is to do an assessment before the accident. Our experts have worked in the insurance industry and know the process internally and externally. It was also assigned to all major insurance companies licensed in the State of California. Always have your artwork insured so that in case something goes horribly wrong you can at least get a compensation for your loss.